Outstanding Features

the fontThe Font

The most precious monument in the Church is the 12th century font. Carved with scenes from the story of the Virgin Mary, it depicts the Three Kings bringing their gifts to the child in Mary’s arms. Herod and the captains wallow in the blood of the Innocents. The heads of the murdered babies surmount the arcading round the font and the Holy Family and donkey make their flight to Egypt.

The Vinegar Bible

Another prized possession is the “Vinegar Bible”, one of a few remaining copies printed in 1717 containing the page heading ‘Parable of the Vinegar’ – a misprint for “Vineyard’.

The Reredos

The reredos below the East Window is particularly fine with a reproduction of Leonardo de Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ carved by local craftsmen. The oak surround bearing the ‘Emblems of the Passion’ was added after the Second World War.